What’s Hot in Teambuilding for 2017?

What’s Hot in Teambuilding for 2017?

At Event Inspirations Teambuilding we are experiencing a steady increase in requests for corporate teambuilding events despite a volatile economy. Client requirements are evolving with buzz words like “customised”; “bespoke”; “create”; “values”; “ROI” and “collaborate” becoming commonplace at many event briefings.

Current trends include event customisation, advanced technology, collaborative interactions, green events, corporate social responsibility projects, as well as mindfulness and wellness programmes, to name but a few.

Highlighted are three of the current top teambuilding trends.


Customisation (Bespoke)

Corporations are turning away from standard teambuilding offerings, instead expecting tailor-made teambuilds that meet their specific goals and objectives.

Modifying activities to fit in with an event theme, incorporating learning about a new product or new business feature and a company’s values, standards and ethics all help make teambuilding events unforgettable and appealing.

At Event Inspirations Teambuilding, we recently won a sizeable bid, pitching one of our new products called “Cat Walk Collaboration”. Not only have we customised the activity to incorporate the company’s seven core values, but we ourselves are collaborating with a training company to include an element of learning and skills development.



With technology advancing at such a rapid pace and with millennials now forming the biggest percentage of the workforce, clients are demanding technologically progressive events.

At Event Inspirations Teambuilding we have incorporated the use of iPads, smartphones, apps and wireless audience response systems, as well as modern video cameras, into a number of our products and offerings including our ever-popular  Game Show, Amazing Race and Movie Making activities.

Using up-to-date technology makes a traditional activity a great deal more engaging and fun as well as promoting teamwork, communication skills, productivity and morale in the workplace.


Collaborative Activities

Teambuilding has long been focused on competitive “team against team, winner takes all” style events. These types of activities are still commonly requested and provide a number of benefits such as team bonding, high impact learning, increased team skills, improved communication, co-operation, trust and respect all of which are beneficial in creating a winning team culture.

However, with the face of business ever-changing and developing, the spotlight has shifted to an outcomes-based model for team synergy.

Employees and teams within an organisation are no longer silos, forming instead part of a collective resolve to

positively influence a common goal or outcome.

In short it is all about the BIG picture. Even when working in teams, it is no longer “us” against “them” but more about how we can all collaborate to reach a positive and beneficial result.

At Event Inspirations Teambuilding, we offer various activities around collaborative principles. The entire group is given one common goal to work towards. Individuals work within sub teams and teams are encouraged to work with each other, as well as the individuals in their team to achieve the BIG picture outcome.

The advantages of teambuilding are so numerous that most companies now include teambuilding programmes in their training and development strategy.

Although teambuilding, organisations, businesses and events are constantly changing and progressing, one thing remains the same: investing in your employees, your most valuable asset, pays off in the bottom-line returns.




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