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Avianto, in Muldersdrift, is a well-established, highly regarded events destination that has become one of Johannesburg’s Wedding, conference, teambuilding and function venues of choice. With more than 25 years of service excellence, Avianto offers a variety of options for wedding ceremonies and reception, conferencing, product launches, gala dinners and all life’s important milestone celebrations.


Embrace the world of exceptional experiences at Avianto, synonymous with the luxury and refinement befitting an elite hotel. Immerse yourself in a plethora of activities and events meticulously curated to meet your unique needs. From hosting an immaculate corporate conference to celebrating a joyful baby shower and everything in between, entrust Avianto to exceed your expectations with an unwavering standard of excellence.

Whether you desire a sophisticated dinner embodying elegance or seek casual dining with a relaxed ambiance, let us guide you to the perfect spot within our premises. At Avianto, every moment is crafted with your utmost satisfaction in mind, ensuring a memorable experience that echoes the luxury and quality we stand for. Experience the extraordinary with Avianto, where every event becomes a cherished memory.

Conferencing & Events

When conferencing and events come to mind, think Avianto. Our uniquely and beautifully crafted property is a masterclass in bespoke design, offering you the luxury of feeling isolated or connected, depending on your needs and perceptions. Our diverse array of conference and meeting rooms are tailored to suit your specific requirements, from private meetings for two to larger gatherings accommodating up to 250 individuals.

At Avianto, our paramount goal is to provide you with a purposeful space where every meeting or conference is set to achieve results, ensuring your objectives are not just met, but exceptionally surpassed. Immerse yourself in the world where professionalism meets elegance, making each business gathering not just a meeting, but an experience filled with productivity and sophistication. With Avianto, make every meeting count, and every conference a step towards success.

In the realm of Avianto, every wedding transcends the ordinary, reflecting a unique tableau of elegance, intimacy, and grandeur. Whether it’s a close-knit celebration or a lavish affair, each event is a graceful echo of the couple’s love story, tailored impeccably to their vision. Amidst the natural beauty and refined ambience of Avianto, every moment becomes a cherished memory, crafting a timeless narrative of love, commitment, and joy. Here, the exceptional is not just offered; it’s assured. Experience the quiet elegance and profound beauty of celebrations at Avianto, where every wedding is a testament to love’s exquisite journey.

Functions & Celebrations

At Avianto, every special moment finds its perfect match in our extraordinary venues, ensuring each event becomes a cherished memory. Revel in the anticipation of new life with elegant baby showers set amidst our bespoke settings, where each detail pays tribute to expectant joy. Each celebration, from grand festivities to intimate gatherings, is bathed in unmatched grace and excitement at Avianto, ensuring timeless memories are beautifully crafted. Birthdays of all ages bloom into unique expressions of joy and festivity, each one a vibrant testament to life’s milestones. Special occasions are elevated to extraordinary heights, where the diverse and exquisite backdrop of our facilities brings forth the uniqueness of each event. Whether it’s a sophisticated kitchen tea or a jubilant bridal shower, Avianto’s refined ambience adds a touch of elegance, turning every occasion into an unforgettable celebration. Experience the joy of surprise parties planned to perfection, delighting and astonishing guests in the warm embrace of our exceptional venues. At Avianto, every event is a heartfelt celebration, a harmonious blend of elegance, joy, and unforgettable memories.

Sleeping at Avianto is not merely a night’s rest. It’s an invitation to luxurious, peaceful slumber within the confines of our exceptional hotel. Be welcomed into the tranquil haven of our hotel village, where each accommodation is a masterpiece of comfort and elegant design. With percale linen and spacious, oversized bedrooms, embrace the quietude and refined luxury that our accommodations offer. Each room boasts its own private entrance, creating a secluded retreat for each guest. The hotel’s seamless blend of comfort and style transforms every stay into a restorative experience. At Avianto, you don’t just stay; you relish the exquisite calm, unparalleled luxury, and attentive service of our esteemed hotel accommodations. Rediscover rest in its finest form at Avianto Hotel, where every night spent is a celebration of rejuvenation and refined tranquillity.

The Village has 30 luxury rooms and 5 suites. The rooms are all decorated with understated elegance and feature individual air-conditioning, room service, minibars, individual safes, plush bath towels and luxurious beds and linen. The Hotel at Avianto is set slightly apart from the main function venues. The communal nature of the village is designed to connect people for the duration of their stay.

Discover a world of exquisite dining at the restaurant at Avianto. Immerse yourself in a bespoke and luxurious affair, where each dish is a harmonious fusion of tradition, heritage, and unmatched culinary flair, elevating your dining experience to unparalleled heights. Here, impeccable service meets innovative cuisine, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner that enchant the senses and captivate the palate.

Each dining area is meticulously designed to exude a cosy ambience, ensuring your utmost comfort and pleasure. Relish the warmth of inviting fireplaces during winter, or delight in the gracious garden setting, offering an inside-outside feel, perfect for intimate parties of up to 20.

At the heart of the restaurant stands an ancient oak tree, a silent witness to countless celebrations of joy, happiness, and exquisite dining experiences. Let it bear witness to your own moments of delight as you indulge in the sublime offerings of Avianto’s restaurant. Embark on a culinary journey where every meal is a celebration, and every moment is a cherished memory. Welcome to dining excellence at Avianto.

Avianto stands as a timeless haven for families, especially during the cherished tradition of Sunday lunch. This beloved day becomes even more special as you gather your loved ones, choosing between an ambience of sophistication or casual comfort for your meal together. On select occasions, Avianto delights in presenting a lavish Sunday lunch buffet, a grand feast sure to make your gatherings even more memorable. Stay updated on this and other exclusive offerings by keeping an eye on our special events and signing up for our newsletter. Be among the first to know and ensure your spot for these sought-after dining experiences. Remember, bookings are essential at Avianto, where every meal is a celebration and every gathering a cherished memory.

Exclusive Picnics

Embark on a unique outdoor experience with a bespoke picnic affair at Avianto. We provide an exclusive garden picnic setting ensuring an intimate and memorable occasion. Revel in the curated elegance where every detail is finely tuned to your comfort and enjoyment.

Your exclusive setup includes plush bean bag loungers, a charming tee-pee, a table, cushions, and blankets, ensuring a delightful escape from the bustling pace of everyday life. Savour the exquisite offerings from a specially designed picnic box, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout your al fresco dining experience.

Don’t miss this high-demand, much-desired offer. Book now and ensure your spot in this idyllic setting. In the event of a forecasted rain, worry not. Your picnic can be rescheduled, or an indoor setting will be gracefully arranged, subject to availability.

Indulge in the perfect picnic experience with Avianto, where every moment is a cherished escape into luxury and relaxation.

For corporate picnics bookings & special celebratory picnics for larger groups, please contact our office.

Clubhouse & Sportspark

Nestled on the northern side of the river, the Avianto Clubhouse is the epitome of serene and outdoor-infused elegance. Accessible from a separate parking area on Villa Road, Muldersdrift, it’s a short and scenic walk from the hotel across a quaint bridge, immersing you in the embrace of nature.

At Avianto, unwind in the embrace of pure tranquillity without the hustle of a full-scale spa. Here, we focus on the art of relaxation through our exclusive massage offerings, a dedicated service attuned to your utmost comfort and serenity. While we do not operate a spa, our specialized massage treatments promise a sublime escape from the rush of everyday life. Feel the world’s weight lift off your shoulders as expert hands tenderly soothe your stresses away, leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated. Incorporate this luxurious experience into your stay or make a dedicated booking to rediscover your inner peace. In the serene environment of Avianto, relish the concentrated calm, where each massage is a journey to holistic well-being, meticulously tailored to meet your individual needs. Book your blissful retreat and let Avianto cradle you in a haven of relaxation, restoring harmony to your body and soul.


Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled eventing at Avianto. Revel in our exclusive special events, tailored for both large groups and intimate pairs. Be it grand celebrations, birthday parties, or other significant functions, Avianto is the epitome of spectacular eventing, life into a remarkable experience. Booking is essential to secure your place in our extraordinary events, where every moment is crafted for maximum enjoyment and memorable engagement. Keep this page pinned or subscribe to our newsletter, ensuring you’re always in the loop for our upcoming festivities. Don’t just mark the date; make the date resplendent with Avianto’s incomparable events. Elevate your weekends and special days – at Avianto, make every celebration an illustrious affair. Your adventure of exceptional eventing awaits at Avianto.

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All our services are distinctively crafted, ensuring each is customised with your exclusive preferences in mind. Whether you’re planning a year-end function, wedding, or conference, our tailor-made offerings are designed to elevate every occasion. For guests seeking last-minute arrangements, explore our special packages. Your refined and personalized experience is paramount to us, and we are committed to delivering exceptional and unforgettable events and stays for every client. Your search for unmatched elegance and attention to detail ends with us.

Sindi Dimba
Sindi Dimba
Beautiful countryside hotel and conference centres within 45min of sandton cvd! Always love it here!
Very impressive and elegant venue.
Eugene Dippenaar
Eugene Dippenaar
Lovely place


Nestled along the serene Crocodile River and adjacent to the Avianto Hotel, the Avianto Lifestyle Estate sprawls across 350 hectares, offering 1800 diverse residential opportunities including freehold and sectional title stands, clusters, and a retirement development. With its first phase complete, the estate seamlessly blends elegant European architecture with eco-conscious design, ensuring a harmonious, sustainable living environment. Here, families enjoy unparalleled security and a lavish lifestyle amidst the Highveld country ambience, making it a unique and coveted property investment opportunity. Avianto Lifestyle Estate epitomizes the dream of exquisite, environmentally sensitive, and secure living.


Wonderful, attentive staff and great food! The ambience made you completely forget you were in the city, loved the outdoor seating!

Thank you for your email and for hosting us last week—we had a wonderful time! I’ll also share the Corporate & Year End Specials and the Conference Winter Special with my team. Regarding the June conference, I’ll confirm with my boss and get back to you soon.

We look forward to visiting again in the near future. Thanks again, and have a great day!

I would herewith just like to extend my heartfelt thank you to your team. They have really been amazing with all 3 my recent events that was held at Avianto. Tremanye went out of her way to always assist with everything….. even if everything was sent last minute, everything was always still organized and in order. Going the extra mile to secure enough rooms for my overflow delegates… too much to mention! The waitresses in the restaurant who know me by name by now… always checking up on me, checking that I have eaten something, looking after my delegates there for me while I need to be somewhere else. Chef always checking in if everything was in order, Christine who helped me a lot with Uro Onc over the weekend… just everybody really went out of their way to assist and make my events a success. Could not have done it without your amazing team.

Baie dankie vir elke personeel lid van Cafe Cielo, wat gister Jana se kombuistee onvergeetlik gemaak het. Julle is een ongelooflike span mense, niks is moeite nie, en die vriendelike glimlagte en hulp was uit die boonste rakke. Ons sien verskriklik uit na die 23ste Mei, vir Jana en Pieter se troue. Ons is verseker in goeie hande.

Attending a wedding at Avianto was an unforgettable experience! The venue’s breathtaking ambiance and picturesque surroundings created the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. The warm hospitality and exceptional service made the celebration even more memorable. Can’t wait for the photos. Highly recommended!

Good day, Olga, We came through yesterday, and my partner and my friend were so happy. Remember it was for their birthday celebration. We really enjoyed the place, the service and the food. The staff is so friendly, we were served by a guy called Peter and he had a great sense of humour, very patient and professional. Please pass this on to his manager. Thank you so much. We had our picnic next to the lake as we requested and the view was amazing. Keep up the top 10-star service.

Good day Jacee-Lee,

‌I hope this mail finds you well.

‌I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you and all the Avianto team members, for all the efforts during our stay.

Everything was great. We were warmly welcomed by Nombuso. The food was fresh 100 out of 100.


What an amazing experience. Great food, service and friendly/helpful staff. Highly recommend this picnic experience.

The food was delicious and an amazing feast for the eyes – the presentation was exquisite. Christine the manager went above and beyond to make our anniversary special with flowers and a lovely surprise from our daughter.

“Avianto is truly a gem among conference venues. You have a special place. We go to a lot of workshops and are coming back. The serene atmosphere and well-appointed meeting rooms provided the ideal setting for our meetings. The staff’s professionalism and friendliness added a touch of warmth, making our attendees feel welcomed and valued throughout the week-long stay.”

I am trying to come up with a word to describe our Experience at Avianto. The only word that I can describe our experience is WOW! Thank you so much for everything, the service was out of this world. Avianto will definitely see more from TBFS In the future. Once again thank you for working miracles in such short notice you have gone out of your way to provide a unique experience for the TBFS team.

“I recently hosted a conference at Avianto, and I must say, the facilities were top-notch! The conference venue was perfect, and the staff went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly. The delicious food served during breaks was an absolute treat. Looking forward to hosting more events here and want to give a personal shout-out to Tremayne for organising everything better than we expected!”

From the moment I arrived, I felt enveloped by the warm and inviting atmosphere. The conference facilities were top-notch, and the delectable food offerings during our breaks were a delightful surprise. Highly recommended for any corporate event – Thank you for everything

Good morning all

I would just like to say a huge thank you for the excellent service provided by everyone to ensure that this event was successful and enjoyed by all.

The hotel staff were excellent, friendly and always accommodating.

This was one of our best events and loved by all.

We have been coming to Avianto for years for work, and can’t say enough about the incredible hospitality at Avianto. Attending a wedding here was an absolute joy! The staff’s attentiveness and genuine care for every guest made the celebration feel personal and heartwarming. The venue’s beauty only added to the overall experience. Truly a place to cherish. Thanks for the amazing memories.

What a stunning place Avianto is! I recently attended a friend’s wedding at this enchanting venue, and it was like stepping into a fairytale. The attention to detail in the decor, the delightful food, and the impeccable service made the entire experience simply magical. I did not know this place existed and we will be back.

We had our Leadership Indaba at the venue and I am extremely satisfied with the service. Great venue the view was breathtaking. It’s a calm and serene setting.

It is me that should thank YOU for inviting me. I truly had a rip-roaring time. The venue as always is superb. The catering was sublime!!!!!! Please thank Chef for me. And then, wow…. The entertainment had me in stitches.

Thanks again for inviting me !!

Avianto is just breathtaking in a tranquil setting. Your all in one venue where you could have conferences- weddings – all types of functions – go for a meal or just book into the hotel for a getaway. We hosted several business conferences and was never disappointed. In between meals we were served with snacks and a constant supply of hot drinks juice and water. Restaurant service is top notch with friendly staff. Hotel has spacious bedrooms, huge bath tub with a separate shower and separate toilet and comes with complimentary toiletries tea coffee milk kettle, Extra blankets and heater.

A great experience at Avianto today. i must commend Siza who was helping us in thye venue, a real star!

‌Standard Bank conference on the 17th May

CONFERENCE IN LATE WINTER – Johannesburg is not at its best at the end of winter. Beautiful blue skies but the vegetation is parched and brown from the long dry spell. The Avianto however was an absolute pleasure. Situated so close to all key routes and airports yet so quiet and rural. You could be in the country side. The lay out is charming. The rooms are stunning. Very comfortable and exquisite attention to detail. And the food was brilliant, meal after meal. Highly recommended!

Hosting our annual conference at Avianto was a decision well-made! Your people really cared about us and the venue’s elegance and charm captivated our attendees, and the well-equipped conference facilities catered to all our needs. The staff’s dedication to ensuring our event’s success was evident throughout, and the delicious food served was a hit with everyone. Thanks for organising the special diets.

Great service and was willing to go beyond what was expected. So happy with the service. Will definitely consider using them again for family events. They answered every query with professionalism and helped make my even a success.

COMPANY STRATEGY SESSION. We had two beautiful days at Avianto. We used the conference facilities for our yearly strategy session. Good food with friendly service. It’s an altogether lovely place to stay. The room is spacious, modern and romantic. Gardens are beautiful.

Thanks, Tumi for all the run around you did for me personally at the conference. You exceeded all expectations! The conference venue was not only beautifully set amidst nature but also had all the modern amenities required for a successful event. The genuine warmth and friendliness of the staff made the entire experience even more enjoyable. Please thank the chef and everyone that worked at our event

CONFERENCE TRIP. Avianto’s picturesque setting on the Crocodile River is the perfect venue for conferences and workshops. The grounds, garden layouts, and Tuscan Village accommodation are beautiful. Rooms are spacious and well appointed, restaurant facilities provided a good choice for all meals. Overall a very pleasant stay with well trained staff.

VERY NICE VENUE. I have been there before, but never took the time to rate and review the establishment. We have been there again, like last year, for a sales conference/ year end function. I can not fault it on anything. Friendly reception and staff, and the food was great!

BUSINESS CONFERENCE – Excellent conference venue! Customer service was excellent. Friendly staff members willing to go the extra mile. The buffet was also great! The directions to the venue were spot on. If you are planning your next conference, definitely consider Avianto.

I would like you to know how impressed I was with the service we received from Ayanda on the 23rd and Tebogo on the 24th. They were absolutely superb and looked after us with great care. They are such an asset to Avianto. I did thank them both personally but please will you pass on my thanks once more? I would love for them to know that I have written to you and that you are aware of their contribution to making Avianto such a lovely place to hold a strategy session. Please also pass on my thanks to your waiting staff, kitchen staff and chef. The food was delicious and we were waited on with skill and friendliness.